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Tania Anderson

Karen M. Hart has lived in the Washington, DC metro area for over ten years with her husband and five children. Whether by foot, bike, boat or segway, she is constantly seeking new ways to see the city. Karen loves the the rich history that the DC metropolitan area has to offer and spends many weekends with her family exploring the region and retracing history's footsteps.


In addition to her work for About.com, Karen has been a freelance writer for the Washington Post for over four years, writing about the people, the many sites, venues and fun that the District has to offer. Karen's writing has also appeared in the DC Examiner, a local daily tabloid, and several regional pubications. Prior to freelancing she worked in the world of politics for a former US president and a high ranking general.


Karen has a BA in English from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

By Tania Anderson:

I am looking forward to serving as your guide and helping you fall in love with Washington, DC during what I hope will be one of many visits to our nation's capital. There is not another place in the United States that has as many free historical sites, monuments museums, zoos and gardens--all steeped in our country's humble beginnings--for visitors to enjoy than Washington, DC. If you have questions about my site or have an idea for a topic about visiting Washington, DC you would like to see on my site, please feel free to email me.

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