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Tania Anderson

Tania Anderson has lived in the Washington, DC area her entire life, a rarity in one of the most transient areas of the country. She has had the distinct honor of living in Washington, Maryland and Virginia at different stages of her life. She now spends nearly every weekend exploring the city with her family and friends in tow, discovering something new at every outing.


Anderson has been a Washington-based writer for more than 15 years, covering everything from politics to parenting. She currently works as a tech editor for a national e-newsletter company. Before that she worked as a freelance writer for various publications, including writing a consumer shopping blog for The Washington Post.


Anderson has a bachelor's degree in communications from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and a master's in journalism and public policy from American University in Washington, D.C.

By Tania Anderson:

Washington, DC is one of the most interesting places on earth and I love the fact that I can share everything I've learned about my hometown with you. The nation's capital offers a ton of variety, including museums, live shows, interesting cuisine and lots of history. Oh, and definitely some great shopping. I'm constantly in search of the coolest things to do here and I hope what I find helps you plan a memorable visit.

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