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Hollywood is not the only place to spot celebrities. Actors, musicians and pro athletes make their way to Washington, D.C. for a lot of different reasons. Some come to lobby members of Congress for a cause that’s important to them, some come to be honored by a Washington institution such as the Kennedy Center, and others come to film a movie in the nation’s capital. Here are some the best spots to catch a celeb:

Café Milano, a Georgetown Italian restaurant, consistently draws celebrities. One of the most recent was Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder. (3251 Prospect St., NW, 202-333-6183)

Actors Vince Vaughn and Kevin James were spotted at the Newseum, which honors journalism, in the Fall of 2010. The two were in town promoting a movie. (555 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, 202-292-6100)

Singer Jessica Simpson and her pro football boyfriend at the time, Eric Johnson, were spotted eating brunch at Point of View, the W Hotel’s rooftop restaurant, in the Fall of 2010. (515 15th St., NW, 202-661-2478)

Il Canale, a pizza joint in Georgetown, attracted Jerry Springer, the former talk show host and mayor of Cincinnati in 2010. (1063 31st St., NW, 202-337-4444)

The Smithsonian’s American Art Museum hosted Paul Giamatti, who was spotted there in Fall 2010. The Washington Post says the actor was in town to have lunch with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, who Giamatti is going to play in an HBO movie on the financial crisis. Julia Roberts also made a swing through the museum on one of her visits to the nation’s capital. (8th and F Streets, NW, 202-633-7970)

Owen Wilson was spotted at the Spy Museum (800 F St., NW, 202-393-7798) and Oyamel, a Mexican restaurant, having dinner in 2010. (401 7th St., NW, 202-628-1005)

Gabrielle Union, an actress and former model, has been spotted shopping at Charm, an accessory shop in Georgetown. She was in town in the Fall of 2010 for the Komen 30th anniversary gala at the Kennedy Center. (2910 M St., NW, 202-298-0420)

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney was spotted at Bourbon Steak in the summer of 2010. He had been in town for a White House visit. (2800 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, 202-944-2026)

Celebrities are often seen testifying at Congressional hearings. Kevin Costner was in town the summer of 2010 to testify to a Congressional committee about a machine he’s invested in that would help in the gulf oil spill. You can find out if a celebrity will be at a Congressional hearing by visiting the Senate and House websites and looking up the hearings schedules of the various Congressional committees.

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