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Exploring the Streets of Washington, DC – New Hampshire Ave


Exploring the Streets of Washington, DC – New Hampshire Ave

Orthodox Church along the Highway to Heaven Corridor of New Hampshire Ave.

Karen Hart

One of the greatest and most nerve racking aspects of Washington, DC is the streets. They twist; they turn; they end and start again. There is even a play about how the city was designed that suggested Pierre L’Enfant, the civil engineer responsible for planning the city, was drinking a bottle of red wine when drawing up the plans. Whenever he would put the bottle down on the plans, it would leave its mark to which L’Enfant would declare, “Ah, another circle.”

But these streets are also spilling over with history. One such street that seems to go on forever is New Hampshire Avenue. New Hampshire Avenue begins at the Kennedy Center. It is one of the many diagonal streets in the District and if you were to take a leisurely drive down this avenue, you can hit a lot of landmarks, including a stretch in Montgomery County that has been dubbed the “Highway to Heaven”. Along this 10-mile corridor Sunday drivers can see 34 different places of worship that encompass nearly every major religion. From a Hindu Temple to a synagogue, a mosque, a Buddhist Temple to Christian churches of varying architecture and beauty, this a lovely and scenic drive.

Within the District, visitors can enjoy the 31-room Brewmaster’s Castle (a.k.a. the Christian Heurich Mansion) which was the first fireproofed home in DC and not too far down from Brewmaster’s is the Whittemore House, which was today is home to the Woman’s National Democratic Club and Museum.

There are also some great places to eat along New Hampshire Ave. Firefly (1310 New Hampshire Avenue, NW) offers intimate dining (they seat 60) and the fare is all of your favorite comfort foods including meatlballs with tomato sauce, matzoh ball soup, chicken and mushroom pot pie. If you are looking for a great happy hour, try The Front Page (1333 New Hampshire Avenue, NW) where they have a Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour.

And if you happen to venture out towards the Highway to Heaven, don’t miss the Fractured Prune (15428 New Hampshire Ave) doughnut shop where you can get a hot, hand dipped donut and choose your own toppings—Oreo crumbles, vanilla wafers –or choose one of their many flavors including Rolo and French Toast.

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