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Parades in Washington DC


Parades are so much fun for both young and old and DC really knows how to make them memorable. Here is a guide to the annual parades held in the DC metro area.


George Washington Birthday Parade
The George Washington Birthday Parade is one of the many activites going on in and around the District as we pay tribute to presidents past and present.

Chinese New Year's Parade
. The Chinese New Year's Parade celebrates the Chinese culture and heritage and is one of the most anticipated parades of the year.


St. Patrick's Day Parade
St. Patrick's Day is filled with Irish fun for DC visitors, including parades in both the District and Old Town Alexandria.


National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade
The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates some of DC's most famous blossoms. The celebration culminates with a parade in their honor.


Memorial Day Parade
The Memorial Day Parade is a wonderful way to honor our US veterans and those men and women serving in our armed forces.


DC Caribbean Carnival Parade
The Caribbean Carnival Parade celebrates the Caribbean culture in DC and takes place along Georgia Avenue corridor.


Independence Day Parade
THe Fourth of July or Independence Day Parade celebrates America's rich history and is one of the most widely attended parades of the year.


Scottish Walk Parade
The Scottish Walk Parade honors Old Town Alexandria's Scottish community and popular with both visitors and the locals.

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