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Patriotic Places to Celebrate July 4th in Washington, DC


Patriotic Places to Celebrate July 4th in Washington, DC

Marine Corps. Memorial

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Washington, DC is a place of patriots and patriotism. The city is filled with landmarks that honor those who made the US “the Home of the Brave” and that embody the spirit of American freedom. Ask ten different Washingtonian’s which is the most patriotic place in DC and you will get ten different answers. Below are, perhaps, the ten of the most predictable:

  • George Washington Memorial. The Washington Monument in Washington, DC is the tallest structure in DC At just over 555 feet high, this obelisk, modeled after those of the Egyptians, honors the first president of the United States, George Washington.

  • Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery is one of two national cemeteries that the Army oversees. It is a constant reminder that freedom is never free.

  • Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC was created to honor the 16th president of the United States and to serve as a constant reminder of the great freedom that is derived from a democracy that is bound together in strength through unity and equality

  • US Supreme Court. For those who love legalese or are simply Law and Order fans, the US Supreme Court—the highest judicial body in the US--is the place to be.

  • The White House. The White House is home of We, The People, and is the one of the enduring symbols of US democracy and the freedom that was won by the blood and toil of so many Americans who believed in the promise of America.

  • US Capitol. The US Capitol is symbolically one of the most important buildings in DC. Housing the legislative body of the US government, the US Capitol serves as a meeting place for elected officials to debate and make laws to govern US citizens.

  • World War II Memorial. The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home.

  • Vietnam Memorial. The Vietnam Memorial honors all those fallen soldiers who served their country when called upon.

  • Marine Corps. Memorial. The Marine Corps War Memorial was created to honor those fallen soldiers who served in the U.S. Marine Corps. and is dedicated to all Marines who have served and given their lives since 1775.

  • FDR Memorial. As a tribute to our 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a memorial that traces 12 years of history was dedicated in FDR's honor on May 2, 1997.
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