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April in Washington, DC

Planning Your Trip to the District


April is a great month to be in the District. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the city seems to come alive with visitors and things to do and see. With the Washington Nationals season beginning, baseball is all the talk; the cherry blossom festival is in full swing; and the White House will host its annual spring garden tour; and so much more.


  • Average high temperature: 64 degrees
  • Average low temperature: 45 degrees
  • Record High: 95 degrees (2002)
  • Record Low: 24 degrees (1982)
  • Average Rainfall: 3.26 inches

What to Pack

April in DC is all about being waterproof. There are plenty of unpredictable April showers so be prepared.

  • An umbrella
  • Rain slicker or waterproof pullover
  • Light jacket or pullover for the evenings
  • Sweaters, long sleeve shirts
  • Long pants, perhaps a pair of shorts in the event that the weather is unseasonably warm
  • Wellies, waterproof shoes, running shoes if you like to work out

April Happenings

April has so much going on in the District. Some of the highlights include the following:

Things to Consider

  • In the words of T.S. Eliot, April is the cruelest month even in DC, but only because of all of the pollen in the air that causes allergies to flare up. If you take prescription allergy medicine, you may want to bring it or be prepared to buy some over the counter.
  • April is the beginning of tourist season in the District so expect lines at popular destinations and sites.
  • Thunder storms can cause unexpected delays at the airport; always call ahead or look-up your flight online to make certain your transportation is running on schedule.
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