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Visiting Washington, DC


If you are planning to visit Washington, DC this guide will help you decide when to visit the District, where to stay, what airport to fly into, as well as provide you with some money saving tips.
  1. When to Visit Washington, DC
  2. Where to Stay in Washington, DC
  3. Flying to Washington, DC
  4. Saving Money in Washington, DC

When to Visit Washington, DC

If you are planning a trip to DC or thinking about visiting the District the hardest decision can be when to visit. Fall is a beautiful time of the year with the foliage changing colors and although the winter months can be chilly,they offer the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. The spring months offer the famous cherry blossoms while the summer months feature opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and participate in America's biggest birthday bash on Independence Day.

Where to Stay in Washington, DC

Washington, DC has some wonderful historic and luxury hotels that any traveler would enjoy. Additionally there are lovely and affordable accommodations for the more budget-minded visitor.

Flying to Washington, DC

Washington, DC has several airports that are centrally located and here you will find information to help make your arrival into the District as easy and convenient as possible.

Saving Money in Washington, DC

Almos everyone likes to save money when they are traveling and these articles and links will help visitors to Washington, DC find the best deals for airfare and accommodations, as well as offer tips for the budget conscious traveler to save money.

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