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Gargoyle Tour of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC


Gargoyle Tour of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

Gargoyle at National Cathedral

Courtesy of Mark Foxenberg

The gargoyles at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC have long inspired the imagination of the very young and the very old. With 112 of these stone carvings adorning the Nathional Cathedral, there are plenty of stories to be told. During the holidays Tour Guide Mark offers a Special Christmas Gargoyle Tour.

On the tour you will learn about these imaginative carvings that depict monsters, dogs, cats, birds, horses and even Darth Vader. The guide, a friend of one of the stone carvers, Constantine Seferlis,will trace Serferli's style as it developed from traditional carving of little beasties to lighthearted portrtayals of the donors, often times with a visual pun on their name, career or hobby.

Bring binoculars and dress warmly. This tour takes place outdoors and while some of the gargoyles are close enough to touch, others--like Darth Vader--can be very high up.

What You Need To Know To Go

When:Saturday, December 20, 2:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 21, 2:00 p.m.

Where: Meet at the west front of the National Cathedral, which is the main entrance. The Cathedral is located at the corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Ave., NW.

Parking is available in the new underground parking lot. The Woodley Park or Tenley Town Metro stops are the closest to the Cathedral, but it's about a half hour walk from there.

Price: $20 per person

For further information, contact OUTNAWAY@HOTMAIL.COM, or call 703-597-6283.

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