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Washington DC Hotels & Accommodations

Whether you are visiting DC on a budget or have money to burn, want to stay in a luxury hotel or cozy B&B , the District has plenty of accomodation options for all of its visitors.
  1. Boutique Hotels in DC (4)
  2. Downtown Hotels (6)
  3. Hotels in Georgetown (0)
  4. Luxury Hotels in DC (0)

Best Hotels for Inauguration 2013
Several Washington area hotels have already filled up for Inauguration weekend. But here is a listing of several that still have rooms available.

Renting A House In Washington
Washington offers several options for large groups of travelers, including house rentals. Get tips on how to choose a house and where to go to find one.

Trip Planning Tip – Visit the city but stay in the ‘burbs
You don’t have to stay in Washington to enjoy Washington. A budget-conscious traveler will make out just as well staying in one of the suburbs that hug the nation’s capital from its north and south.

Trip Planning Tip – Visit the city but stay in the ‘burbs
You don’t have to stay in Washington to enjoy Washington. A budget-conscious traveler will make out just as well staying in one of the suburbs...

National Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 Hotel Packages - Washington, DC
Hotel packages for visitors attending the National Cherry blossom Festival 2010 in Washington, DC. Find a hotel near the Cherry Blossom Festival and learn about spring time hotel deals.

A Very Cherry Willard Package for the 2010 National Cherry Bl…
The Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington, DC is offering a Cherry Hotel Package in honor of the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival that will occur from March 27-April 11, 2010. Learn more about this hotel package.

What is the Best Hotel in Washington, DC?
What do you think the best hotel in Washington, DC is and why? What are the most important amenities you look for when booking a hotel room for travel? Share your thoughts at this forum.

Holiday Hotel Packages in Washington, DC
Holiday hotel packages are in abundance during the holidays in Washington, DC. Visitors can find great hotel deals throughout the city. Premium and luxury hotels offer packages that pamper and are family friendly.

Terra Cotta Warrior Vacation Package Deal
Terra Cotta Warrior vacation package deal offers a discounted hotel room price and tickets to the Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibition a the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC.

Gaylord National Hotel and Resort Holiday Packages
The Gaylord National Hotel and Resort holiday offers holiday hotel packages that make budget and economy travel all the more rewarding for the whole family. Check-out the holiday packages and make your reservation today.

Where to Stay in Washington, DC
Where is the best place to stay in DC? is a question that has many answers depending on who you ask. Find out what hotel is most kid-friendly, most romantic, best service and more.

DC Savoy Suites & Carlyle Suites Make Community Service the New Currency
The Savoy Suites and The Carlyle Suites in Washington, DC are offering a new package called Serve America and Stay in DC. Save fifty percent of your hotel per night by volunteering 5 hours of service.

A Review of The Hotel George in Washington, DC
The Hotel George in Washington DC is located downtown near Capitol Hill and is a favorite haunt of Hill staffers and lobbyists. It has a modern minimalist decor and is centrally located to tourist attractions.

Cheap Accommodations in Washington, DC
Washington, DC has plenty of luxury hotels, but it also has hotel accommodations that will fit into the budget traveler's budget and this document provides you with five great options.

A Review of the Willard Intercontinental Hotel
The Willard Intercontinental has played host to every US President since Franklin Pierce and remains one of the District's most luxurious hotels.

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