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A Very Cherry Willard Package for the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival


A Very Cherry Willard Package for the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival

Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington, DC

Courtesy of the Willard InterContinental Hotel.

It's hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, but in anticipation of the National Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 that will occur from March 27 – April 11, 2010 in Washington, DC, the Willard InterContinental is offering its Very Cherry Willard Package. Starting at $359 hotel guests can book an overnight accommodation for two which includes an American breakfast for two and a Japanese amenity. The Willard is often referred to as the Crown Jewel of Pennsylvania Ave and rightly so. This is truly a luxury experience. For more information or to make reservations call the Willard InterContinental Hotel at 202-628-9100, or 1-800-827-1747.

And not to be missed is the Willard’s Cherry Blossom Tea served in the Peacock Alley which will be decorated with live Cherry Blossoms and a display including historic renderings of the first Japanese delegation to America. In 1860, on a diplomatic trip to ratify the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the U.S. and Japan, three ambassadors, along with their party of 74, took up a month-long residence stay at the Willard just adding to the hotel’s role that it has played in American history.

The Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea is offered seven days a week from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. throughout the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Petite cherry custard tarts, dried cherry and vanilla scones with homemade cherry marmalade and Devonshire cream and hand made cherry marshmallows are among the sweet treats that await guests. And to add to the ambience, a Koto player will add soothing sounds to a relaxing afternoon tea. Price is $39.00 per person, or $49.00 per person including a glass of champagne or specialty cherry cocktail.

Tea for children ages five through twelve is $25.00, and complimentary for those under five. For reservations call 202-637-7350.

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