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Where to Stay in Washington, DC


Where to Stay in Washington, DC

The Lobby of the Historic Willard Hotel

Courtesy of the Willard Hotel

Where is the best place to stay in Washington, DC? Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answers. But the answer largely depends on what you are looking for in a hotel. If you want a great view of the city, most people would argue that the Hay Adams wins hands down; if you want a hotel that will surround you in luxury and that is embedded in DC history, the Willard is steeping in it; if you are looking for the best value, the Kimpton hotels are your best bet. So what are some of the things you look for in a hotel? I’ve listed some of the more obvious criteria that people might consider:

  1. Kid Friendly Not Just Kid Tolerant. Lots of hotels claim to be kid-friendly, but many hotel visitors know that simply means, “Yes, we will do our best to tolerate your little ones.” The Kimpton Hotel chain offers a truly kid-friendly experience for the young ones. Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA has a wonderful Bring 'Em Along Family Package that includes deluxe accommodations and amenities the kids will love like pizza for four, board game giveaway, an in-room movie and homemade cookies.

  2. Closest Hotel to the Tidal Basin. When you walk into the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC you know you are in for an experience and the staff at the hotel is there to satisfy your every whim. The Mandarin is also the closest hotel to the treasured Cherry Blossoms. Visitors to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival that goes from late March to early April, will enjoy the proximity to the beautiful pink and white petals.

  3. Centrally Located Hotel. The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel is the Grand Dame of DC hotels and continues to make headlines since it first opened its doors in 1925. It is located just blocks away from the White House, is metro accessible and within walking distances to the many memorials and monuments that you will want to see.

  4. Most Romantic Hotel. The Hotel Fairmont is really an oasis in the bustling city and offers a Romance package for visitors that includes champagne and truffles. Visitors can rekindle their love over a candle lit dinner at one of the many restaurants that surround the hotel.

  5. Best Hotel near the US Capitol. The Hotel George is a pleaser for both the business traveler and the couple that wants to take in the sights. Located just several blocks from the US Capitol, those in town to lobby Congress or simply take in a tour of the US Capitol Visitors Center will enjoy the Hotel George’s proximity to the Hill. Additionally the restaurant, Bistro Bis offers visitors an exceptional dining experience.

  6. Most Intimate Hotel. With just 86 rooms the Four Season Hotel is cozy and luxurious all in the same breath. The service is exceptional and the hotel staff seem to know everyone by name that is staying at the property. The other great plus of this hotel is that it is located so close to the heart of Georgetown and just steps away from the celebrated Citronelle restaurant.

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